• AQUA-VES™ Mobile Water-Treatment System

    The Water Services Group's newly engineered AQUA-VES mobile water-treatment system takes some of the pressure off with a technically advanced, on-location solution for treating and reusing precious water resources. AQUA-VES employs patented membrane separation technology to give operators a cost-effective option for managing frac flowback, slop water and produced water.



    The trailer-mounted AQUA-VES water-treatment system is designed to process up to 10,000 bbl/day of liquid waste in a small-footprint configuration. What’s more, since AQUA-VES relies on vibration, the robust, teflon-coated membranes remain much cleaner than standard filtration systems, continually keeping the path clear for unrestricted flow-through of proportionally larger fluid volumes. The capacity of AQUA-VES to remove the smallest entrained solids is reflected in its routine delivery of comparatively clean permeate with average Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU) levels below 5 and a near 100% reduction of oil and grease (insoluble organics) and bacteria levels, effectively allowing for recycling of frac flowback water and on-site disposal where permitted.


    Membrane separation technology Higher recovery than traditional filtration
    On-site treatment capabilities Reduces disposal costs
    First generation design• Fast set-up
    • High throughput rates• Low NTU treated water
    • Trailer-mounted system Reduces trucking requirements, costs
    • Up to 10,000-bbl/day capacity • Cuts energy costs
    • High fouling, scaling resistance • Reduces bacteria nearly 100%
    • Easy to clean membrane • Easily transportable between locations
    Robust membranes• Environmentally friendly
    Vibratory filtration • Delivers high recycling volumes
    Different filtration level available 
    Low energy consumption 
    Small footprint