• Service and Equipment Delivery

    Wired Drill Pipe (WDP) is available through existing industry supply channels.
    The supply components include:

    • Wired Drill String
    • High Speed Telemetry 
    • Along String Measurement (ASM)
    • Wired Drilling Tools

    Wired Drill String
    Wired Drill Pipe and other drill string components are now available for purchase in the same manner as conventional drill pipe. Wired Drill Pipe can be purchased by Rig Contractors, DP rental providers and Operators. A comprehensive range of other drill string components are also available for purchase including Wired HWDP, Drill Collars, Float Subs, Stabilizers and Crossovers plus the Top Drive DataSwivel™. A full range of wired drill string components is listed in the IntelliServ Product Catalog.
    Wired Drill Pipe Rental Providers: TOOLSERV | Independent Oil Tools | Workstrings International 

    High Speed WDP Telemetry
    MWD or Measurement Companies can offer High Speed Telemetry on an IntelliServ Wired Drill String using their own Interface Subs plus DataLinks™ and a Surface Network Controller (“NetCon™”) leased from IntelliServ. Additionally, Along String Measurement (ASM) tools can be supplied by MWD or service companies. 
    High Speed Telemetry Providers: Baker Hughes | Halliburton | Schlumberger | ReedHycalog | Weatherford
    Licensed ASM Providers: ReedHycalog | Schlumberger

    Wired Drilling Tools
    IntelliServ will support leading drilling tool vendors to provide wired versions of a range of drilling tools including jars, accelerators, underreamers, roller reamers and bypass subs. A list of currently available tools is listed in the IntelliServ Product Catalog. In addition, IntelliServ will now enable and support the drilling tool vendor in wiring and servicing these tools at their own local facilities.

    Inspection, Repair & Maintenance
    IntelliServ licenses local suppliers to provide inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) on WDP where required. IntelliServ currently has inspection, repair and maintenance capabilities (either directly, or through local suppliers) in Aberdeen, UK; Stavanger, Norway; Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia; Williston, North Dakota; and Provo, Utah. IntelliServ has also established a North Sea DataLink repair and maintenance facility in Stavanger, Norway.
    Licensed IRM Providers: Tuboscope


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