• Data Driven

    Real-time data analysis provides true pipe condition to help ensure pipe is fit for service, improve drill performance and reduce risk.

    Drill String Engineering & Design: Drill string design and recommendations, R&D resources and facility, Testing with NOV drilling equipment
    Drill String Manufacturing: One-stop for pipe, inspection hardbanding and coating, Automation
    Implement Care & Handing: Best practices, Field Support, 5C’s
    Drill String Data Analysis: Drill string spec review, Inspection Data review, Repair data review, Drill string wear review
    Review & Discuss Recommendations: Lesson learned, Drill string optimization, Technical recommendations.

    Acquire & Record Drill Pipe Data: All quality documents acquired, entered and maintained in TruData 

    Inspection, Repair & Maintenance: Used pipe inspection data is collected and stored by the drill pipe serial number – Allows tracking and history of the tube and connection details
    Data Tracking: Analysis of used pipe trends by pipe steel, grade, connection…etc. – Drives improvements in care & handing and pipe use.
    Data Analysis & Recommendations: Monitoring pipe conditions lead to improved decision making and rill string optimization