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    For more than 25 years, Grant Prideco has been the leader in the development of rotary-shouldered connections. As a base line product, we provide a large selection of API connections for drill stem products.


    Grant Prideco also has several proprietary double shouldered connections. A long-standing workhorse of the industry, the HI-TORQUE™ (HT™) connection provides approximately 40% more torque than comparable API connections.

    With an improved thread form and a flatter taper, Grant Prideco's second generation eXtreme™ Torque (XT™) connection meets the needs of deep, extended reach and HTHP wells, providing even more torque, a reduced profile and improved hydraulics. eXtreme™ Torque (XT™) connections often allow the use of a larger pipe size for a given hole size while maintaining fishability.

    The eXtreme™ Torque-M™ (XT-M™) connection is the industry's first pressure-rated, gas tight rotary-shouldered connection. eXtreme™ Torque XT-F™ and XT-MF™ offer XT and XT-M performance with a special fatigue-resistant thread form for the most severe drilling applications.

    Released in 2002, the Grant Prideco Double Shoulder™ (GPDS™) connection provides nearly the torque of the HI-TORQUE connection with the convenience of interchangeability with the comparable API connection.

    Grant Prideco™'s third generation TurboTorque™ (TT™) connection was introduced in 2006. TurboTorque™ features a double start thread form, reduced connection profile and multiple design configurations to meet specific drilling requirements. The results are optimized torque capacity and hydraulics, improved clearance and fishability, extended life and reduced risk of failure. The TurboTorque-M™ (TT-M™), featuring all of the benefits of TurboTorque connections, with the added advantage of an advanced metal-to-metal seal.

    Grant Prideco's latest development is the uLtimate™ series connection including uGPDS™ and uXT™. The uGPDS™ and uXT™ connections will provide increased torque capacity, extended fatigue life, and interchangeability with our existing GPDS™ and eXtreme™ Torque (XT™) connections.

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