• Pipe Handling Cranes

    NOV's Pipe Handling Crane with the gripper yoke has been designed to provide an unmanned pipe deck by mechanizing the tubular transfer operations.

    The Pipe Handling Crane provides very safe, precise and efficient handling and lifting sequences where the load pendulum effect has been eliminated. The main function of the Pipe Handling Crane is to transport tubular from pipe deck to the Catwalk/Catwalk Machine, and visa versa by means of a pipe gripper yoke.  The crane may also be used for other lift operations, i.e. lifting/moving of miscellaneous parts, bulk equipment and containers, either by using slings from the pipe gripper yoke or attaching the optional chain sling with hook to the boom tip.

    Main Features

    • Pedestal mounted Electro-Hydraulic Knuckle Boom Crane for handling tubulars on pipedeck between storage position and Catwalk Machine/Conveyor
    • Requires electric power supply only
    • Fast, efficient and precise handling of multiple tubulars with Pipe Gripper Yoke; covers entire pipedeck area; no rails needed that may reduce the pipedeck capacity
    • All required safety features to avoid load drop are included
    • Control Cabin with instrumentation and climate control mounted on crane; it may be remote-controlled from Drillers Cabin, and is available in both Safe and Hazardous Area versions
    • Designed to operate in the most harsh environments, with wind speed up to 36 m/s
    • Advanced Gripper Yoke compensates for offset pick up, and automatically rotates the Gripper to line up with the Catwalk Machine or Conveyor
    • Standard Gripper Yoke handles multiple tubulars ranging from 3½" to 20"
    • Optional Gripper Yoke handles tubulars from 14" to 30"
    • Hook Adapter with 9 tonne capacity for handling baskets, containers, etc