• Strix Stickup Height Detection

    Vision technology that uses cameras to optimize the drilling process.


    The Strix™ family of vision technology answers your call for improved process automation, process optimization and enhanced safety where current solutions have reached their practical limits. The technology uses a high definition camera and fast image processing to automate drilling processes that otherwise would require an operator’s manual intervention. While there are many possible applications for this technology, we are currently offering Strix vision technology for automatic Stickup Height Detection (SHD).

    Horizontal and vertical movements of the iron roughneck are typically independent trajectories, aided by tool-mounted sensors detecting the pipe and tool joint neck. The standard process requires an operator to visually verify correct iron roughneck jaw position and manually adjust the tool height if needed. By using a camera and vision algorithms, accurate pipe stickup height is obtained. The control system uses the stickup height value and commands the iron roughneck from parked position to the correct make-up position performing simultaneous horizontal and vertical movements (see Figure 2). The optimized trajectory reduces the overall time needed for trip-in and stand building.