• MSB Crane

    Your partner for a Lifetime of Lifting

    The MSB Crane Series enables you to undertake construction projects with confidence.


    With capacities up to 1500 MT, these cranes use state of the art drive and control systems to meet your optimal performance requirements while performing your lifts in a safe and efficient manner.

    Whatever your construction objectives may be, this crane will help you succeed in the harsh offshore environment.

    The MSB crane is designed to safely handle loads in a harsh offshore environment. These units may be used on a variety of functions like unloading of supply vessels, pipe transfer, deck lifts and offshore construction.


    • Outstanding capacity to weight ratio
    • Suitable for worldwide service
    • State of the art technology
    • Global service training and aftermarket support
    • Operator friendly, modern ergonomic operator’s cabin design
    • Range of boom lengths available
    • Minimal tail swing
    • Hoists, slew drives, and electrical drives are protected inside the crane structure
    • Overload protection system
    • DNV and ABS compliant
    • MSB 5000 and MSB 6000 feature electric/hydraulic drives for precise efficient operation
    • MSB 7000 and MSB 7600 feature full-electric drive for environmentally friendly and efficient operation

    Environmental Conditions

    • Operational temperature: -20°C to +45°C
    • Design temperature: -20°C to +45°C

    Prime Movers

    • MSB 5000 & MSB 6000:Multiple axial piston hydraulic pumps driven by electric motors provide the power for all functions, utilizing vessel supplied power
    • MSB7000 & MSB 7600: Electric VFD drives for all functions, utilizing vessel supplied power

    Power Requirements

    • Main power: 690 VAC, 3 PH, 60 HZ
    • Ancillary power: 440 VAC, 3 PH, 60HZ