• Smart Drilling Instrumentation

    Our Smart Drilling Instrumentation System™ (Sdi™) is a field-proven drilling and monitoring system that is well-suited for mid-size and large drilling rigs.

    Sdi™ offers real-time data acquisition, historical trending, flexible alarm capabilities and mechanisms for storing drilling parameters for post-project analysis. This system sets the industry standard for high-technology interface between downhole sensors, high capacity processing and one of the industry’s best user interfaces. With Sdi™ the drilling operator is provided with the most comprehensive and graphically complete data profile available to ensure the success of the most demanding offshore drilling projects.




    SDI- Smart Drilling Instrumentation

    • Hardware included:
    • Sdi PLC and Remote Input/Output cabinets
    • Sensor package may include sensors to measure
    • Standpipe pressure sensor
    • Trip Tank Level/volume sensor, Guided Microwave, ¾”BSP
    • Stripping tank level sensor, Guided Microwave, ¾”BSP
    • Mud Pit Level/Volume sensor, Guided Microwave, ¾”BSP
    • Mud Return Flow sensor, Flow paddle
    • Mud Temperature in/out sensor, Clamp-on
    • Mud density in sensor, Radioactive Clamp-on
    • Mud Pit Density sensor, 2 x PT
    • Tong torque sensor
    • Cement pressure monitoring in Sdi
    • Choke&kill pressure monitoring in Sdi
    • Alarm Horn
    • Alarm Horn/Light in Mud Pit Area
    • Software included:
    • HMI displays for Drilling, Tripping, Volume control and Setup functionality
    • Sdi Alarm system
    • Trending functionality for drilling data

    FDL Interface to third party systems
    ML and MWD

    • Dedicated interface cards for the Sdi PLC
    • Fiber network to Fieldbus Data Link (FDL) node where MWD and Mud Logging companies can interfaced to the Sdi
    • Dedicated 3rd party displays such as MWD and ML

    Kick Calculator

    • Dedicated display

    KMD- Kick Monitoring Display

    • Dedicated display triggered by:
    • Flow increase while drilling
    • Flow return with zero active SPM
    • Active GainLoss HI
    • Dedicated audible alarm tone on the Drillers Alarm Horn
    • Often require extra sensors in the mud system for added accuracy

    Kick Monitoring Display S-2

    • The KMS-S2 has several features and built-in-logic that alerts the driller either through alarms or specially designed graphical Pop Ups that will trigger given certain operational criteria. The user can configure the Pop-Ups to trigger or not to trigger depending on his or her preference
    • Fingerprinting
    • Deviation detection principle during Drilling and Circulation mode: KMD-S2 uses a “fingerprinting” technique to detect deviations from the normalized values. This means that the system continuously calculates an expected sensor response from certain parameters vs the current FLOW In value and compares this with the actual sensor reading.
    • The parameters that are calculated vs FLOW IN are:
    • Active Pit Volume
    • Flow Out
    • Standpipe Pressure
    • Other Features:
    • Compensated Active Pit Volume Monitoring
    • Flow OUT Difference Logic
    • Digital Trip Chart
    • Flow Ramp Down Alarm
    • Drilling Break Detector
    • Washout & Restriction Detection
    • Pop Up logic for alarms
    • Drilling Data Export tool for exporting event data

    SDI- ECD/ESD in Riser

    • Input of Annulus BOP Pressure
    • ECD while circulating
    • ESD while not circulation

    SDI- Lot- Leak Off Test

    • Pumped volume is displayed vs. pressure, and the equivalent fracture gradient(FG) can be calculated automatically
    • True Vertical Depth (TVD) must be imported or made as input

    SDI- Lag Depth

    • Real time and trended lag-depth calculations

    SDI- Liquid Seal Level

    • Included in package:
    • Pressure transmitter for the Mud Gas Semarator (MGS)
    • Pressure transmitter for U-Tube
    • Temperature transmitter for MGS
    • Dedicated Liquid Seal Display in the Sdi
    • Audible alarm

    SDI- Redundant Sensors

    • Additional sensors
    • Addition input/output
    • Average parameter calculation
    • Display for sensor selection
    • Operator alarms for sensor deviation

    SDI- Coriolis Sensor

    • Coriolis sensor for measuring mass and volume flow in the mud return Line.
    • Measurements on Sdi displays

    SDI- Gas in Mud Sensor

    • ATEX certified sensor
    • Gas in Mud and H2S measurements on Sdi displays
    • Audible alarm settings that can be trended in the Sdi

    SDI- Connect Integration SW Package

    • 1Hz frequency
    • Base package for 300 tags
    • Requires quarterly license fee

    Daily Drilling Report

    • Daily drilling report