• Drilling Control Interface

    Our Drilling Control Interface (DCI) integrates several machine control features into one controller.

    Programmable logic controller and cabinet are provided, which support the control of systems with moderate processing requirements. It has the ability to interface with NOV and other third party sub-systems. The DCI safety is improved as cost is minimized by providing one reliable, integrated solution.




    Mud Bucket Control

    HMI for control and feedback

    Dynamic Positioning Alert monitoring – DP Interface

    Network communication and graphical user interface on the Cyberbase® operator station

    Riser Management Interface via VMS link

    Network components and software interface

    Software interlock between Trip Tank valves

    Software interlock

    Trip Tank Auto Tripping sequence

    Full automatic function for trip tank control

    Drilling Emergency Stop line monitoring

    Fault detection of Drilling Emergency Stop loop

    Interface to other machine MCCs

    Connect other machine MCC to one PLC